Bokeh Photography Tutorial

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This photography bokeh tutorial will show you how to take a picture with a defocused background using a DSLR camera and shallow depth of field.


Jeremy Rodgers (Luminous) says:

Was that the Jetson’s notification tone? [3:24]

Great video by the way. Thanks for explaining the type of lenses to use,
and what settings to use.

someperson says:

nice end song!

someperson says:

aphex is the best!

Photo Extremist says:

Nice icon 😉

Farzana Khan says:

in Bengali ‘Boka’ means ‘idiot’!

Aaron Fenton says:

thought Joshua Dunlop was the video itself

cesar vargas says:

(Boh-ke) Bokeh you said like it spelled it’s also Japanese for blur

Willem Guitar says:

+1 Subscriber!
I’m curious if my LG V10 phone can do Bokeh Photography because it has F1.8
Aperture. Not sure though, still a newbie here.

Ulprus says:

Bokeh originates from Japan and the pronunciation of it is the one you
laughed at the most.

Enlight Prakash says:

+Sushant Thapaliya boka means more than a normal goat 😀

Sushant Thapaliya says:

In the Nepali language boka means goat. Haha.
But I agree, I pronounce it as Boh-kay.

Dana Scully says:

+Ulprus Paris is also pronounced “Paree” but we don’t say that.

uzman ali says:

can i take bokeh pics in fujifilm 4800

Ben Soumokil says:

Yaba daba doo!!

Janryll Casis says:

nice.x i am a newbee photographer i need to get more information about
camera ;)


Nice practical tutorial thx 4 that :-)I invite You to watch my channel to

Jared Hammonds says:

Hey man how did you get your profile picture?

harshit sadeja says:

the way u elaborate is just awesome…!!…
also may I know from where I can buy ur trick photography book!..

pawkytard says:

I’ve watched this years ago and here I am again in 2015

Lovely Ann Daganta says:

Bo-key ahuh that’s how i first read it.. hahhaha

Arsh Khan says:

can i do this if i have a sony dxc400v cybershot.pls.pls.pls.pls.reply

lui brandstrup says:

I Worte a blog about understanding aperture and f-numbers. You can find it

My blog is called, 18 to 55, because I’ve challenged myself to only shoot
with the kit lens for four months and take stunning photos, plus teach you
how to do the same.

ashwhirlwind says:

The photos looks awesome! Thanks for the super detailed tips ^^

Raman sharma says:

The coffee glass with the lights “oozing” out , was really nicely done !
liked it…

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