High-Speed Photography Tutorial with Splashes and Flashes

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In this high-speed photography tutorial, you will learn how to freeze the motion of water splashes by using external flashes, a fish tank, and an object of your choice.


Helena O'Toole Creighton says:

Just so good, you make it look so easy and your tutorials couldn’t be
better… thanks again

SST DVX says:


Nations Productions says:

What kind of Nixon cam?

Udhaya Kumar K says:

Brilliant tutorial Evan. Thanks a ton!
Picture at 2:29 is much sharper and better than the “unedited – straight
out of camera” picture at 4:45. Can you pl. explain the post processing you
have done? Is this tutorial available with your e-book as well?

rezky yolando says:

bagus banget

switchkwb says:

You need to take this to the next level. You have a gift, a keen eye for
detail, a clear understanding of your equipment and patience but most of
all. you enjoy what you do…I would back you in business but I’m in the
UK…Keep up the excellent videos Evan…

Lan Lani Leila Brunet says:

Hi Evan! Nice to see you again., I bought my first photography course from
you and you explain so well and kindly. Youre awesome in the art too of

Sushmit Kadam says:

what AAAAAA……….. pic man

Chad Griffiths says:

The clips you use for holding the foam board what are they called and where
can I get them

Gregory Voukalis says:

can I do this with just one flash?

Michelle Patry says:

Mmm will I take time to do those fun things?

Simon Patterson says:

+Gregory Voukalis If you have one external flash, you can use your
on-camera flash to trigger the external flash. A reflector could then be
used instead of a second flash.

Waheed Akhtar Wahid says:

No problem.

Gregory Voukalis says:


Waheed Akhtar Wahid says:

+Gregory Voukalis I would not do that, the results with internal flash will
be horrible as the angle of light really matters to get a great shot with
dramatic lighting. If you don’t have flash just use some continuous
lighting e.g. table lamp or LED lights. For better results use some high
power lights. LEDs and fileds lights can provide you much better results.
Field lights are really cheaper but these things get really hot so it
requires care while dealing with them. To control the spill and amount of
light (with field lights) you can wrap silver foil paper around them
leaving a hole that passes light as per your reuirement.


Pat Pathinayake says:

Thank you so much.

K. Panda says:

2016 anyone?…. ok

gaitungu arap says:

I loved your photos!!

Guillaume Red says:

so cool!

dicas1988 says:

have you tried increasing flash longevity and upping the shutter speed, it
would reveal a more detailed picture. upping the iso if needed.

peterlution says:


Victor says:

Take that water

Red Head Made It says:

Nice tractor.

MarieJacq Howe says:

are you in LA?

pabobfin says:

Nice job

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