How to buy the best budget DSLR

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DSLRs are typically more expensive than compact digital cameras, but there’s a growing range of cheap entry-level DSLRs to tempt photographers on a budget.

A budget DSLR will have plenty of manual controls to experiment with – from aperture and shutter speed to white balance and flash settings. The best entry-level DSLRs include the familiar automatic lighting and scene modes as found on compact digital cameras to help you get the best shot every time. Many feature on-screen guides that help beginners learn how to use their DSLR camera.

While paying less for a DSLR typically means sacrificing the large sensor, advanced features, fast speed and build quality of more expensive models, a cheap DSLR can be a great choice for anyone trading up from digital compact to in search of more professional looking photos.


Oscar Lau says:

Many would be better off with mirrorless cameras

Jokowi Xi says:

no more heavy dslr for me, old school of camera. I prefer mirroless camera,
good one: Olympus, Sony and Panasonic.

DTech says:

+Which? Yeah! I would rather buy the Budget Camera instead of spending a
Fortune on a DSLR.

Which? says:

But mirrorless cameras do tend to cost a lot more than a budget DSLR

Daniel Jaquez says:

canon 1200d or t5i?

VincentPlayz - Games says:

nope t5i is 700D

ItsActuallyThomasG says:

it’s the same thing

RaciocinioPlease says:

Hi there, I would like to ask for some help here…
I am trying to buy a relatively good camera on a budget…one that has an
acceptable zoom, creates high quality videos and specially makes nice
photos and videos under poor illumination/night…
I cannot spend more than 280 eur/300 USD..
whch one of these would be enough for an amateur like me…

Olympus PEN E-PL6
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70
A bit cheaper ones
Nikon Coolpix S7000
Canon PowerShot SX710 HS
Canon PowerShot SX610 HS

thanks a lot

Hendrick Tan says:

what camera did you use to record this video?

Hendrick Tan says:

Thx M8

Michel's Youtube Vlog says:

Canon 70D

Paul Moura says:

which dslr camera is that ?

DTech says:

+Paul Moura Canon 70D

kazi mubin says:

which camera was that a review of

RockstarDev13 1 says:

Canon 70D

Tamara Orlovic says:

hi,ive decided to start traveling a lot this year and i need a good camera
to take really good pictures and preserve the memories, do you have any
suggestions, my budget is 500 euros :)

Cristian Duran says:

what can I get that has a moveable screen for $300

Fgl says:

Thanks for this video. I think i’ll go for the Canon EOS 1200D

Ryan Plays says:

What is a good budget dslr camera to shoot high quality 1080p video and
really high quality photos for close ups and landscapes

Owen Davidson says:

Canon 1200d

Isaias Vinales says:

what camera did you use to record this?

amanbin says:

Either you are canon biased or paid or both….This is the worst help
video..You think there is not much difference between full frame and aps-c
sensor?nice going

OnEdge says:

What are you using for your video? I want something that looks like that
please help!

TheFreemanGamer says:

What camera are you using in the video??

OMGitsME says:

Canon 70D

Levi Bradnam says:

what camera are you using in the video?

Shantanu Patil says:

I want to begin with photography
Is the Sony A6000 a good choice for beginners

Nathan Cox says:

do u want to hide the fact that it is a 70d anymore

Blogs for Entry - Level Photography says:

Most Nikon/Canon cameras Offer you great Quality Dslr’s for any price.

So it’s not, so much what is the best Dslr, but rather what do you plan on
shooting with your Dslr, Landscape? Portraits? Nightlife. These are a few
things you should consider then try to find the most relevant Dslr to that.

But If you want to get a Great Entry-Level Dslr + the Whole package, I
have a blog that you can Skim through.

Fisayo Aina.Oluwafju isayo says:

nikon D 90camera

Phillijr says:

Have enough money for the best??

DJ Double Vision says:

Wtf is the point in this video if your not going to give suggestions on
which camera to actually get?

Michel's Youtube Vlog says:

+Fantic1980 Same here..Nobody on youtube do a video where he say you should
buy this one bcause good price good quality ecc…I should start to talk
about cameras lol

Fantic1980 says:

+DJ Double Vision That’s exactly my thought too.

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