How to do Hyperlapse Photography

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Time lapse photography on steroids! We show you how to create hyperlapse video with basic gear.


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DigitalRev TV says:

Share your hyperlapse stories and poses right here!

Athaariq Ardiansyah says:

+The Kaiser the title is “Share your hyperlapse stories…”, then i
follow what he said

The Kaiser says:

+Athaariq Ardiansyah Ramadhani That was a clear sign of protest, perhaps
you should wash your feet more often …

Taen says:

+The Kaiser Yes I am sorry, I am not passionate enough to let my organs
prolapse out of my body.

The Kaiser says:

+Taen Then you are not passionate enough for a Pro-Photographer.

Athaariq Ardiansyah says:

my cat was peeing on my shoes when i trying to create a hyperlapse video :/
not good at all

ei kukaan says:

Why am I watching this I don’t even own a camera

Jon Ngwisha says:


Ingles Fakece says:

exactly same

Clinton Leonard says:

Dude I became a fan of this channel and just bought my first Nikon d3300
because it got me into photography.

Oudamseth Samin says:

He sound like News Reporter from CNN or BBC.

Descha Vyana says:

+Oudamseth Samin I even subscribed to his channel pretty much because of
his voice instead of his videos. :))

Oudamseth Samin says:

He could get a ton of money from his voice alone.

777PROJEKT says:

+Oudamseth Samin ahahahaha :’D

Addi says:

expected some asian accent … :-D

Erham Zarith says:


Nendra Affandi says:

That’s the spotlight???

Stanislas Perrin says:

The main part of the world can’t understand anything since you are not
using metric system…

Akshay Pujari says:

that face doesn’t go with that voice !

Otr ava says:

I was thinking the same :))

51gan788 says:

asian moss?

Gaurav Sharma says:

You have a great voice

James Brough says:

what software are you using to edit after all the shots are taken?

Stained J Gameplay (FREQ) says:

Love it! Used to watch your channel heaps years ago when trying to decide
which camera to buy. Great to see how much you have grown. You deserve it

‫ماهر وحكيم‬‎ says:

I feel sorry for photographers with glasses. must be a bummer

Erik Baca says:

sounds like maurice from the IT crowd.

Rusli Irawan says:

His accent is very attractive. That’s why I finally subscribed his channel.

CrispyPoro says:

2:07 I heard: “Time lapse requires lot of asians and skill” xDDD

Ramesh Rai says:

I enjoy your tutorial & sense of humour. Thanx.


Really Cool I will get my Canon camera really soon hell yeah!

Aldy Waani says:

you need post work to stabilize it & match colors

Andreas Christianto says:

asian with british accent

Tarique Ali says:

The hongkong bridge

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