How to: Flash Photography – Bikini Powder Girl

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In this video we try out "Dust Dancing", inspired by Thomas David's photos.

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Emanuel Caesar says:

Dont you love it when she says:
“Okay, i love cheese.. powder…” ><

Paul Straton says:

+Anne Nielson think thats the nikon d800e

J T says:

WHY no high-speed burst shooting for this? ? ?

J T says:

Ah, right.

Jose Dela Cruz says:

Flash recharge.

CCD566 says:

Why didn’t he use burst shots, this is so painful to watch


+CCD566 one can not simply flash so much in so little time you would have
darker shots and it would be rubbish

Jaime Almeida says:

+CCDF566556 I think even a good flash would need some seconds to rearm.

Emanuel Caesar says:

+CCDF566556 you know flash cant burst..

Quantumorph says:

+Jaime Almeida 4 flashes/ 1 sec. is no problem. To see in *How to do High
Speed Photography*

Jonathan Erwee says:

+Emanuel Caesar I doubt it would be that, or my commented reason for that
matter, but I reckon flash can do burst alright, depends on camera I guess.

Diggy Dog says:

Aww what a doll….not the model height, but still a cute doll

Normandy Diaries says:

Is that a screen protector in his camera :O :O :O :O

Harvey Nash says:

+Hard 8 yes.

Brendan Paine says:

10:50 bit like a Nazi

Nick Pyne says:

He made me cringe

Jose Hidalgo Itza says:

after that f……ing

Tiziano O says:

Did he say “ Donald Trump haircut”?!

Hendrik Hafizh says:

+Benjamin Williams trak besar

Benjamin Williams says:


Adam Gainsley says:

+Tiziano O Donald Trump’s haircut has been funny since long before he got
himself tangled up in politics 😀

ThatPyotr says:

I think so lol

Sam says:


Lori fusion says:

Pulmonary talcosis is a risk when exposed to talc and is similar to
asbestosis. Especially, if you have weak immunity.

Iqbal Rasdi says:


erikig says:

Reminds me of when the kids are left alone with no adult

Tuấn Kiệt Vũ says:

wwhat hapend if Alamby is a model

Jericho Rosas says:

lolol lebron james chalk toss lol

Isaiah Limpin says:

thats really nice… very creative.. ^_^

rui alka says:

u would take multiply photos (clicks)

Femi Fleming says:

“I like going to baby rooms and sniffing babies changing rooms” well that
didn’t sound weird at all…. 6:50

Mr Steve Ashby says:

+DigitalRev TV I’d love to work with you ;)

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