How to Get Perfect Exposures in One Shot

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Check out how we can get a perfect exposure in one shot using Spot Metering and Manual Mode! If you're looking to improve your photography basics with these tutorials and tips, be sure to continue watching our videos!

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Petru B. says:

y not using the histogram?

Charles Rollins says:

+Petru Le Grand Histograms can be as fooled as the lightmeter. They are
not a good judge on metering and exposure. I can think of many scenes that
the histogram says is perfect and yet the photo is trash.

SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials says:

+Petru Le Grand The histogram tutorial is another video in the workshop.

ps3,ps4,xbox 360 and xbox one reballing service says:

i think those images were raw proccessed

ps3,ps4,xbox 360 and xbox one reballing service says:

+Blagovest Zaimov u mean cmos sensor

Blagovest Zaimov says:

+ps3,ps4,xbox 360 and xbox one reballing service , they are.
You have to capture correct amount of light to be able to process the
image. If your image is under or over exposed, the raw file is almost
useless if the dynamic range of the camera is small.

Zo XTreme says:

your pant doesn’t attract dust?

Stephen Nguyen says:

can i borrow Whitney for practice?

Barclay Berger says:

Is whitney your wife or girlfriends, she looks just as thrilled as my wife
when I photograph her… 🙂 Awesome video as usual

Lucid Strike says:

A model poses, and they were shooting video, so she definitely wasn’t going
to be glaring or checking her phone. Doesn’t mean it WASN’T genuine, but
yeah. Models smile a lot a part of their jobs.

Lucid Strike says:

“She doesn’t care about that.” Because she’s a model? She could be
interested in photography or marine biology for all you know. Dude was SO
obnoxious. I’m sure she was irritated.

Wesley Brown says:

u speak very fast dude, but informative

johnkuan2011 says:

Brother, u talked really fast, hard for me to grasp and understand what you
meant. If this was meant as a tutorial, perhaps your pace should be
“metered” accordingly..

hoang le says:

Stepphanie Mcmahon is that you?

Ridaz4LifeR6 says:

She’s a very natural looking model ?

lapko luna says:

Your model could’ve at least pretend, she’s happy to be there??

Lucid Strike says:

He was obnoxious to her, and she shouldn’t have to do anything but pose for
the pictures. Extra emotional labor is bullshit.


why use this start sound 500% higher volume???

jeff moser says:

A spot meter will only give you a ‘prefect’ exposure if you take a reading
off of an 18% gray card. Anything you meter lighter than middle gray will
give you an underexposed image, and anything you meter darker than middle
gray will give you an over exposed image. An incident meter is a better
choice most of the time as it is less likely to be fooled by dark or light
backgrounds. In the end the photographer needs to master the tool as no
tool can possibly know what the intentions of the photographer are.
However, grass, the sky, and Caucasian skin are close enough to middle gray
which is why spot-metering seemed to work out for this tutorial. And
shooting in Raw helps in that if the metering is off be a stop or so you
maybe able to save yourself. In the Kodachrome days sloppy metering would
completely ruin your day…you had to be ‘Spot On’, or no more that 1/3 of
a stop off in either direction. A lot of todays digital photographers would
be in ‘deep do-do’ to put it mildly.

John Gilbert says:

Are you using spot metering in Aperture priority mode and then taking the
reading and switching over to manual mode? You took a ready up close to
your model then backed up and took the shot. Wouldn’t that have changed the

mercuriallimit says:

i’d love to see a quick lightroom process of these images, I love these
tones but I don’t quite understand how to process them, plssssss

Whosthemaster shonuff says:

This is wrong. That is what the semi-automatic modes do, so why do it
manually? Learn the zone system for various skin tones and objects in the
environment to get proper exposures. Most proper exposures are never 18%
grey. Exposure compensation on semi-automatic modes and manual modes are in
place for a reason.

lapko luna says:

Great lesson by the way!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Eccentric Smithy says:

Pye is great, love all his tutorials, but in this one, although not his
fault, what the model is wearing makes her body look funny in the pics,
there is no curve to her body, looks square, lanky and blocky at 5:46, but
still great tips and information as usual from Pye!.

Rasheed Wande says:

If Drake were a photographer ?
Awesome info though!

Travis Hill says:

Curious to know what lens Pye is using?

Travis Hill says:

+SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials thanks! But definitely looks like the
canon 35mm f/2. Some nice photos!

SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials says:

+Travis Hill This is the nifty fifty. See it in our lens wars here

Jason Bodden says:

+Travis Hill I have the 35mm f/2 and it’s a beautiful lens. Sharp as hell.
An amazing piece of glass!

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