How To Use A Reflector In Outdoor Photography

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This is a quick video blog by Greg Helton Photography showing how to use a reflector along side natural light to get natural looking portraits.


Syed A. Nooh Shamsie says:

Thank you

Mareling E says:

What size of reflector is that you’re using?

Ian H says:

And if it’s cloudy…

silia tvg says:

yes the sound is pretty annoying, you don’t need it

Tuyoleni Uugulu says:

I like that!

Stan Knight says:

Didn’t watch it all because of the annoying music!

sak sezo says:

+Stan Knight God bless the button L .

Mark Harris says:

I don’t know who told you that having your mic so you can hardly hear it
and really annoying music the rest of the time was a good idea, but I’m
sure you can sue them for something.

The Philippines Is Not For Sale says:

Straightforward and simple. Really helpful! :)

Terra Foreman says:

Helpful video

Sagar Sonker says:

Good demonstration. Very useful.

Bubba Con says:

The video was good other than the background music. It was too loud and too
distracting. It was hard to hear your voice over the music. Other than
that, I like it.

Greg Helton Photography says:

+Bubba Con I appologize, that is how I approached things early on and now
realize that it was distracting. Working on some updates but hoping start
adding new content again

MixUpMadness says:

This is more toward showing you what a reflector “does”. Not the
correct/best way to use one. 

Hasan Alhasan says:

I think that what “does” the title say, right?

TrueYears says:

Hmm I think the white reflector does a better job

pianodon says:

Good info, terrible sound. And what’s the purpose of loud percussion going
on and on louder than the narration? Kill the background music, quick. 

Dawn Marie says:

what is the difference of the black & gold v’s white & silver? can you do a
video on the 4 different types and how they look.

Kristina Zaja says:

Greg, what size reflector is that?

Greg Helton Photography says:

+Kris Teresa It is about a 3 foot reflector

patrick neil says:

Try a diffuser, and a subtle fill flash… ?

Olegasphoto says:

1.35 reflector doesn’t rescue that shot. it’s harsh anyway

lilkoo93 says:

Good video, super helpful – but the beat in the background is a bit

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