Long Exposure Photography Tutorial (Light trails)

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– 2 Minute Tutorial – How to shoot long exposure photos (light trails) of traffic in 4 steps.

This week's tutorial shows you how to take photos of cars going by so that you get streaks of light going through the roadways using an SLR camera.

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Ananthakrishnan Tharakesh says:

Just a quick question. As we are anyway forcing the shutter speed to be
fixed using the manual mode, will the ISO setting still affect the shutter

Stevie B says:

A remote sensor is a great tool for this kind of thing. If you don’t have
one, activate the delayed timer (mine has a 2 and 10 second delay) which
should settle the camera after touching the shutter button. On that note,
never hold the camera when taking long exposures as you’ll most likely
cause the end result to be blurry. In my experience that has happened to me
but if anyone grabs their camera during long exposure without anything bad
happening then well done.

Tristan Riddell says:

will the flash have any effect on this? 

Shuha shabnam says:

just bought a tripod today.. thanks.. im gonna try this

David Koski says:

you can get more at
https://plus.google.com/117154218957469282190/posts/6fgwHeaZ44d best
tutorials for photography

thetyranosorus says:

yes, 100 would be good enough. if u have lower, then go for it

Floof says:

perhaps make the video a image sequense and then merge them in photoshop.
(not tested tho)

Kelvin Leeming says:

anyone know how to do this with video?

Soujas Venkatesh says:

So what exactly would you call a decent ‘Low ISO’ to be? would the ISO at
100 be ggod? Or can you please suggest a specific value? 🙂

MacTech4ever95 says:

Another tip for taking long exposures: Additionally set the camera to self
timer. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it reduces the shake that’s
done to the camera while pressing the shutter. This is especially useful if
you have a cheap and not so sturdy tripod.

Jack Catterall says:

Can someone tell me if this will work on a FujiFilm HS30, thanks

LetArtsLive says:

too cool images.

saksham2779 says:

because if the iso is high, the end result will be a white image, due to
high exposure. that is also a reason its hard to do this in broad daylight.

PhotoGeneYes says:

less grain and noise

cankarales says:

i love long exposure photography. and i too use the D3000 😀

Sajal K. Mitra says:

thanks for the tutorial..i was always amazed to see these light trails
photos. Now i know how to do it!

Sumon Kumar says:

Hey there, do you know “photo SFX art” (just google it)? There you can
watch a great free video demonstrating the best way to create better
photographs. It made it easier for Joe to take pictures which have a
wow-effect while you look at them. Perhaps it will help you as well…

Arai Arashi says:

what if I use the Bulb like doing the Light Painting? 

Rusty Ray says:

Was this done by brimley and 401? Looks like that area

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