Photography Tips : How to Set Up Portrait Studio Lighting

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Portrait studio lighting starts with a basic set up that can then be enhanced to fit specific needs. Find out how to use a main light, a fill light, a hair light and a bounce card with help from a freelance photographer in this free video on photography tips.

Expert: Rebecca Guenther
Bio: Rebecca Guenther is a freelance photographer living in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Todd Green


Overchecking says:

A poor attempt at a tutorial, drawing a scene just don’t cut it.

sxclatina4lif says:

not confusing at all.. if you know anything about photography and lighting
you would know there are normally around 4-5 lights at a set – the key
light( main light), fill light, accent /Rim lights(hair lights). and
background lights these all contribute to an even balanced light set up

mayassa58 says:

She is hot!

Russ Cassevah says:

If you need this video. Stop, and go get another job. This is first year bs.

Riguel Dorta says:

very poor

CALICOTV301 says:

What heck? Where’s the demonstration? This is useless like telling someone
HOW to jump out of a plane

Robin J Carlson says:

Great overview! Thanks!

MrBigLee77 says:

you dont need 3 lights you dont even need 2 if you are shooting a high key
portrait you can just use 1 light if you have a large octobox you can even
stand in front of it while you take the photo!

natstgeorge says:

im lost

Mike Kuna says:

Nice brief explanation. However being subjected to a commercial that is as
long as the tutorial is beyond annoying. More often than not I’ll avoid
ehow videos based on this fact.


What is the power setting a hair light should be set at? (compared to the
main light, that is), I know the fill should be half of whatever the main,
but I get different answers to the hair light–and non using any kind of
logical reasoning.

amazingRec says:

@AdrienChaos I love ehow…

gottalovethevideos says:

Sorry…but talk talk talk and cartoon drawings?….come on…you are a
photographer…show us each item you are talking about and physicaly put
them in the positons that you are telling us about…I clicked on 3 of your
videos giving you the chance to do anything but talk….I give up….won’t
click on another.

Westwood Films says:

confusing? lol you guys are slow cuz that was perfect info for me 😛

George Torres says:

@photoman022 Yes I do agree.. Even though we can just try it out, but lease
give use an idea what it looks like.

Mia Vonni says:


jimlap777 says:

There are better videos on the web that SHOW all this in action.

comlax22 says:

This video SUCKS—it’s confusing & difficult to follow…plus Rebecca
talks like she’s on sedatives. WTF

roballendesign says:

Thanks Rebecca, some good tips.

Sina Ateş says:

u r a photographer. y u draw ?

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