Product Photography Tutorial Jewellery and Small items

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Using our smallest tabletop lighting kit Gavin Hoey shows how a simple setup can be effective for small product or jewellery photography giving repeatable results.

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Linda T says:

At last… thank you thank you thank you……… you have just answered
EVERY SINGLE ISSUE I’ve had photographing my hand made jewellery. x

Linda T says:

Thank you so much, will check it out now. If you have any tips on getting
the sparkle would be awesome. I work with Crystals a lot, and as yet
haven’t found a way to get that to show. Purchased a diamond dazzler lamp,
which helps a little. But have been told there are ways to do it in
lightroom or photoshop, just haven’t worked out yet how to do that in
either software. 🙁 says:

+Linda T That’s great we have another video with jewellery in our product
photography playlist.

Jesse Dixon says:

Thanks so much mate! Exactly what I needed! says:

+Jesse Dixon Gavin explained this well we have another jewellery video and
a product photography playlist.

Vantage Finds says:

This is a great video. I am wondering what lenses are you using? Also, are
you using a DSLR camera?
Thanks. says:

+Vantage Finds Yes Gavin used a DSLR and would have used his 24 – 105 Canon

buffster244 says:

Thank you Gavin. I was looking for several things on for quite
some time for something that your video provided in on shot. I don’t leave
a lot of internet comments. I felt compelled to congratulate you on
becoming one of few comments I have left publicly. Good day to you, sir. says:

+buffster244 Thank you Gavin made his last video for us in 2011, we also
have other videos in our Product Photography playlist. says:

Photography Tutorial that Gavin is providing here is phenomenal. I just
liked it!

Patricia B Clothes & More says:

Many Thanks Gavin- This is exactly the tips I needed.

maria abbott says:

Thank you for the tutorial 

Sandra Chavez Jordan Photographer says:

Thanks friend!

kostos65 says:

Ok mister ! it would be great if you tell as how to set up camera + 2 or
even + 3 extra stops ! ? and by the way – i have canon mark2 says:

+kostos65 Hi you need to use exposure compensation that will be in your
manual or go manual exposure taking not of the setting then plus or minus
the shutter speed.

jun val says:

hello gavin where can i get micansu lighte,how many watts it is?thank you says:

Gavin already had this and unfortunately we don’t know where he got it from.

fickledame says:

Thanks for the video! I was wondering what the product is you’re using to
hang the pendant from please? I looked in your shop, but couldn’t see it. says:

There is a direct link in the description to the procduct category,
lighting can be made any way depending on what you want. this a a fairly
even lighting that can be good for products. Best thing would be to buy a
kit and then experiment.

Renlish says:

Same deal – just shoot straight DOWN on your beaded work rather than from
the front. The settings, etc, remain the same. I do beaded jewellery so I
understand the frustration.

salamane13 says:

Consistently these tutorials don’t cover how to take good shots of pearls
and heavy beaded necklaces. Set up for a single pendant is relatively easy.
But positioning and lighting where you want to get an entire mixed gemstone
and pearl piece is baffling! Consider adding a followup video 🙂

Hellen Mayo says:

Great information…talking too fast

Lilie Sanz says:

Thanks for all this great information.

Photographer Overnight says:

Thanks for the excellent tutorial! says:

No we are

maubaninqlot says:

are you gavin hoey?

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